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About Us

to plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow

Back to Eden is a Houston-based nonprofit that offers human services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence through a nine-month fellow program, support groups, and case management assistance. The CoC initiative was founded in 2017 by Kathy Phipps, who herself is a survivor of both domestic and sexual violence, following the realization that most victim services focused primarily on emergency crises and not the aftercare required to ensure survivors do not return to their abusive relationships. Back To Eden's unique framework is tailored specifically to survivors with the intent to address the barriers that are most common in marginalized populations.

Our Mission

Empower Survivors to Be Leaders

Back to Eden's mission is to foster leadership skills in survivors of intimate partner and sexual violence through an intensive 9-month fellow program. Our leadership model is experiential and intersects knowledge with practice.

The program utilizes a strength-based framework with the trauma-informed approach which recognizes the complex nature and effects of trauma. It is our mission to promote resilience and healing.

​We incorporate the "4 R's" into our organizational culture which is to realize, recognize, respond and resist


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